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What does each
week include?

The Full 4 week course...


  • How your body works in labour.

  • Labour hormones - Why they are so important & what can interfere with them working properly.

  • How outside influences can affect your birth experience.

  • Learning how our techniques work.

  • Learning some of the 1st techniques to start practicing.


  • Learning about different types of relaxation.

  • How to relax your mind so that your body can follow.

  • Learning the breathing techniques to use for labour.

  • Anchoring different thing to relaxation: Such as smell, your partners voice & touch.

  • Watching positive birth videos


  • Getting your baby into the best position for birth.

  • How to be internally focused & bonding with your baby.

  • Pelvic floor & Perineal massage.

  • Thorough information for writing your birth plan.

  • Considerations for your birth environment.

  • Completing a fear release session.


  • Positions for labour & staying upright & mobile.

  • Early labour.

  • The 2nd stage of labour.

  • Using B.R.A.I.N.S to make informed decisions.

  • Maximising your labour hormones.

  • Birth partner role - lots of useful information on how to support your birthing person emotionally & physically.

  • Skin to skin & Feeding.

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