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Guidelines & Insurance

Your safety is always our priority!

  • I am Zest Certified! Which means that included within your full package of care, is your individual MGAM comprehensive pregnancy, labour, birth & postnatal care insurance cover. All care including birth is covered by this professional indemnity insurance. This provides full cover within all birth settings and provides cover for all professionals involved in your care. Professional indemnity insurance is required by law. To be able to access your insurance, we are full members of Zest Midwives. Zest provides us with our yearly emergency at home training & support & enables us to access your individual indemnity insurance.

  • We are here to support informed decisions surrounding your pregnancy, birth & early weeks with your new baby. We do not believe in telling you what to do, we simply provide, evidence based information, to enable you to make the best choices for you & your family.

  • We maintain a thorough knowledge of NHS guidelines. We regularly complete bank Midwifery shifts within the NHS, to ensure our knowledge & skills are up to date.

Zest Midwives Certified Midwife Isle of Wight
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