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Birth is Powerful! Women are Strong!

Growing a tiny human is miraculous! It changes every aspect of your life & it is such a privilege to support my clients throughout their journey. I will be with you every step of the way & it brings me so much joy, to be part of your amazing adventure.

Pregnancy is often such an exciting time. So many things are changing all at once! But, it can also be an anxious & worrisome time. You may feel vulnerable or a little overwhelmed. Whether pregnant with your 1st baby or your 10th baby, it is normal to need individualised care & support to prepare for your baby's arrival.


Going into labour, feeling empowered, knowledgeable & with your own, known & trusted Midwife at your side, gives you the best chance of achieving your perfect birth. Although, a positive birth experience, often has little to do with the way your baby is born. More important, is having the tools to remain calm, in control & to be able to make truly informed decisions. This enables a positive birth experience, regardless of your birth journey.


The NHS is an amazing thing. But sadly, it is a very broken system. Maternity units are often under staffed, over worked & over medicalised. The staff, provide the best care possible, under these circumstances. However, there is often very little continuity & an ever increasing intervention rate. Induction of labour & Caesarean birth is rapidly becoming the NHS norm. 

For your body to labour well, it is really important to maximise your Oxytocin (your natural labour hormone) & Endorphins (your natural pain killers) & minimise your Adrenaline (your fight or flight hormone). Strangers looking after you & unfamiliar environments, often cause fear & anxiety, especially when at your most vulnerable. When accessing NHS care for your labour & birth, a stranger looking after you is very likely. This can be really damaging to your body's labour response.


Fear & anxiety causes your body to release lots of adrenaline, & this is the anti labour hormone! It causes blood to race to your arms & legs, so you can fight, or run away. This is actually a really useful process! It enables all mammals, if threatened, to stop labour! If they are in danger, adrenaline is released & labour stops! They run to a place of safety & their baby is not born & eaten by a predator. But sadly, this fear response happens too frequently. Dramatized stories in the media, friends & family's terrifying accounts of birth & lack of continuity, start a spiral of fear, which often leads to intervention, feeling out of control & birth trauma.

But there is another way!!! This is where Independent Midwifery comes into it's own! Our holistic care & purposely small caseloads, ensure we are available when you need us. We only take on 1 or 2 clients a month, to guarantee we are available for you. You get more appointments, longer appointments & much richer appointments. The content is guided by you. We focus on supporting you to have a healthy pregnancy. We encourage (with consent) to learn & practice Hypnobirthing techniques; this enables your body to labour unhindered by your conscious mind & to listen to your body.  

As much time as you need to prepare for your birth, feeling ready for your labour, empowered, prepared, positive & safe. Your own Midwife with you. Supporting you to trust your instincts & listen to your body. 

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