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Personalised antenatal, labour, birth and postnatal care for women and birthing

people on the Isle of Wight or virtually throughout the United Kingdom.




Our experienced midwifery support, is designed to empower & support you throughout your pregnancy, birth & the early weeks. Our holistic approach to care, ensures your physical, emotional and cultural needs are met. Having your known & trusted Midwife with you throughout your journey means you feel safe, secure & protected. Because of this feeling of safety, labour becomes a positive, empowering experience & you are so much more likely to achieve your ideal birth. 


No strangers providing your care or change over of shifts, no feeling pressured into interventions or feeling unable to ask the right questions. We simply provide evidence based advice, tailored to your unique circumstances by your own known Midwife. Supporting you to make informed choices, throughout your family's unique journey into parenthood.

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  • Independent Midwife Isle of Wight
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Why would I pay for an Independent Midwife when there is a free NHS service?
This is a valid question! The answer is... There really is no comparison!!!

Pregnancy SneakPeek Gender testing on the Isle of Wight. Find out if you are having a boy or girl from as early as 6 weeks!

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